Monday, February 21, 2011

About three months to go....

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. My previous excuse was that the government blocked blogspot, but it is now working, I decided it's time to post again after a VERY long time of not.
Things here in my village are starting to wind down. I actually have only about 3 months left! It's completely crazy for me- and, actually, VERY sad. The month of June I'm thinking about doing an internship (not sure where yet?) so I'll be done here at the end of May. My host sister gets married then so I thought it a good time to finish up- since they will share the room next to mine.
I've heard rumors that they are going to replace my site with another volunteer and it made me sad because the reality of me leaving is so much more of a reality. I mean, I don't really want to stick around another year, but I've really just started to become very comfortable with my life here. People understand me when I speak and I understand them. People know my habits and aren't scared to talk to me. I love riding my bike around town and hearing my students ask me "teacher, where you go?" It truly will be bittersweet to leave this place I've lived at for 2 years.
Despite being almost finished here I'm still keeping very busy. Next month we are having a girls' leadership camp that Peace Corps volunteers do world-wide called Camp Glow. We will focus on leadership skills and health issues. It's been a lot of work organizing and getting proper approval, but we're all looking forward to it (and hoping we can pull it off). I'll post more about this later. I'm also helping write a health manual for current and future volunteers. This, too, has kept me very busy. Other than that, I've been going to weddings and house parties. It's funny because if I've not gone to a wedding in a week or two I get really excited to go to one. It's always something to do and you get to see tons of people outside of school, the health center, or their work. Who doesn't like parties??