Monday, June 8, 2009

Cambodia, not China

The goal of this blog is to keep family and friends updated when I am in Cambodia. I know many are thinking, "I thought you were going to China?" Well, I was. Apparently, the Chinese had problems with my X-Rays and most likely would not let me in. So, after declining my nomination to China I was offered a different post in Cambodia. This makes me VERY excited because it seems to be more of the experience I was expecting when I applied for Peace Corps.

Here are some of the brief details I know of my future. I'm leaving July 20th. I'll be teaching English and potentially doing teacher training. In China I was supposed to teach at the college level; however, in Cambodia those positions are few (and filled), so I'll be teaching 12th graders. It doesn't really matter too much to me. That's really about all I know as of yet.

With a little over a month left until I leave, I still have lots going on. I have one wedding remaining (Rachel's this weekend). I'll be spending the Fourth of July at my parents lake house with the entire fam on my mom's side. Then, hopefully, will get to meet my sister's new baby girl -Jordyn Anne- sometime around July 15th! Then off to Cambodia for 2 years! It seems kind of crazy, but what I want to do. Not sure when I'll post next, but hopefully once I find out more details (eg. where I fly out of, etc.). Until then....