Friday, May 14, 2010

Randomness in the Bode

One night recenty as we were eating dinner we were swarmed by tons and tons of little flying bugs. So, what do we do, but move the table out from under the light and continue to eat as the bugs are flying all over us. Then, my dad and sister start catching them in huge bowls of water. My dad then bring out the broom and is hitting them down. It was quite a scene. Then after dinner I spotted my mom draining the bugs from the water. Sure enough, they then fried them up and we ate them. Not bad really. Tasted like grease.

On my way to Phnom Penh a few weeks back I saw a grown man and a small boy riding in the trunk of a car. The trunk was being propped up by a stick. The trunk was full of stuff, too. I wasn't even all that surprised when I saw them. I initially thought, "yeah, the fronts full...why not the trunk...there is room!"...then I realized I've been in Cambodia too long!

Yesterday, I went to a wedding in a village 20 minutes away with a man named Black Jack. Two days ago, I was riding my bike to a village 20 minutes away because last time I was in Phnom Penh I forgot my coffee mug french press on my taxi (which seriously almost brought me to tears). My student's sister was on the taxi and the driver gave it to her to return to me. So, my student invited me to his house to get it and to eat my favorite Cambodia food- Bon Chi'o. It's like a crepe but with bean sprouts and pork on the is so good...and they taught me how to make it and how to grow the bean sprouts. Anyway, on my way home from his house a man on a moto told me in english to follow him to his house. So, of course, I did because that is what I do here. Well, turns out he is Khmer American and visiting to see a doctor here for a stomach problem. He then invited me to a wedding in the village the next night. So, of course I went because what else is there to do! At the wedding I got to hang out with Black Jack and the pharamist at my health center (who is WONDERFUL and introduced me all night as his friend). It was a good night. Then my cousin stopped by to take me home because he was in the area at another party. So, him with his moto and me on my bike we went home! The slightly funny thing was that that morning I was complaining to my mom on the phone that I was bored because there was no school and no one had invited me to a party.
(pictures: left to right: Kellee, Jeremy and I at a party for Jeremy. His school director didn't get to see him on Khmer New Year so he threw a party for him and we were invited....seriously, boys have it so easy here! Next: My aunt, my host mom and the neighbor lady. Next: Co-teacher pouring rice wine into a tea kettle for consumption- sanitation in this country Next: Me and Kelle at Jeremy's party)